Old House

by When We Was Kids

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released October 5, 2016

Jackson - Engineering
Kevin - Engineering, Mixing and Mastering



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When We Was Kids Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Au Revoir, Shoshanna
I carry things
often of toxic belief
lately I fear I'm becoming something wrong
something I don't want to be
well, I expected much more of me
and so, now I will lay this to sleep

what a pity to be at mercy to all this flesh that I succumb
over and over again
it really does me in

my friend, I didn't mean it so
to say one thing and then go do the complete opposite
malign a bond so chemical, it redefines the nature of every smile and wave

there's nothing left to talk about
there's nothing left to talk about
but, that's not right
the punishment will fit this crime
but, first we need to understand what's yours and what is mine

what shame
to obtain
for one lay

maybe you were drunk or just too high to understand it wasn't right
just too drunk or just too high to understand it wasn't right for once instead
saving each pint bled
I will just be honest instead
prove me we should have met
cause we're living with what you did
Track Name: The Chinese Path of Growing
I've been a dead wall
I've made a lot of bricked mistakes
and I can fade like
a summer breeze forgot by name

still I relate polite behavior with a welcoming hand when I'm deserted
and despite what I'm told, I dipped my toes and found this water cold

so, what's wrong with my head?
there's something I don't get
repeating what I said
repeating what I said
and I could have listened
instead I'm stuck in this detrimental dance of dead romantics

now relive your steps, and relieve all your stresses through me
and dance on my toes till we die of still feet
because atrophied we can't leave

cause I would've quit, but I never really did

and now you know
the better way to go
so, take the better path
just keep what you have
stay your hands and leave my things alone

and I would've quit, but I never really did

...so far
Track Name: Lobo del Mar
you're feeling pain and I relate
I apologize for saving face
but, you can blame me for all that is slow
because I've been sinking and been drinking through the vast fermenting tides
I never stay dry

I hate that I retaliate by getting in my own way

with artificial hope supply
still I sedate so I can face the facts and still deny
that I am equally to blame

I hate that I retaliate by getting in my own way with medicated alibis
(what calls my name?
fermented love?
what stress am I a product of?
self medication)

how open must I be to admit that I finally like me
where's this going?
I've been in transit for a while with tickets non-refundable
I need this to be the best dollar spent in an honest attempt to be free

hope will soon justify wrong, the right, the blame; our vindication

lay your head down
I'll see you soon
I'll see you when it's time
(will I feel I'm too late to convince the worst to stay
or will I trust in time?)

It feels much better to be someone blissful stupid and young

I have found myself unerring peace for a while and I pray that the waves will recede
no path is wrong, but it matters where you stand when you look back at where you came from
I don't want to wait
I don't want to wake up
laying still in bed with nothing done